Friday, December 13, 2013

Next Please...

The next property transformation is underway.  My plan is to follow this one while it's in process. Located in southern Olathe, renovations began this week.    This one has some foundation issues, so that's where we're starting.  Here are some exterior "before" pictures.
I sourced this property from the website, and watched it closely from the initial listing, knowing it fit our team criteria.  Here's what appealed to us about this one:  Purchase price (can you say BARGAIN), resale potential, profit margin, and location.  The cul-de-sac locations appeal to families with kids and this one has a GIANT back yard.  It has "family" written all over it.     

Feeling sorry for the foundation guys this week, hopefully they can stay dry and warm.  This is the second time we've utilized Norris Foundation Repair .  They are economical, have a quick turn around time and haven't tried to sell us something we don't need.  In short, we like them!  A shameless plug for great people (Dirk) doing a great job. Updates to follow as the renovation continues. 

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